This website hosts the writing and conversations of Adam Pogioli and friends in the ongoing practice of navigating our culture. It also houses many recommendations for education along the lines we think are the hope for the future.  There is a form-language emerging across many fields that is destined to provide the most ideal seed for future cultures emerging out of 21st century globalization.  This proto-paradigm is itself an outgrowth and culmination of partial developments in other cultures and times, but it has been coalescing in the sciences of the 20th century as loose collection of concepts and metaphors that suggest a reorganization and integration of our knowledge and society.

While many have noticed this convergence of fields in recent years, the efforts at theoretical integration have been usually provincial, idiosyncratic and reductive.  In the wake of postmodern critiques of metaphysics and grand narratives, most efforts at integration have had a reactionary or romantic spirit, a longing for “wholeness” at the expense of the diversity set loose by postmodern and hyper-capitalist culture.  While there have been progressive thinkers gesturing towards coherence and solidarity that try and build on the shifting sands of context that post-modern culture and theory have made essential, such effort can do little more than point to a radical opening in the void of coherent foundations.  We embrace that opening and have no wish to be another attempt at foundational metaphysics (an attempt to be THE THEORY).

We do however believe that opening is an opportunity for a “new age” and a new practice of metaphysical thinking. While we will be putting a lot of energy into a critique of much what is considered “New Age” on this site, it is out of hope that given deep critical attention, 21st century esoteric culture can give rise to a deeper understanding of the world and its possibilities. What seems to be missing is a coherent vision for what kind of world this New Age should be, beyond simplistic cliches.

For that we don’t need a single philosophy, but we do need to be educated enough about what is really going on to be able to adequately confront it.  So much of the apathy and lack of will to act on what we do care about is kept intact through an implicit metaphysics of individualized interests that is never examined.  We are not taught the reciprocal relations that determine every division we make, between figure and ground, text and context, message and medium.

What could be a powerful political consciousness capable of acting globally and coherently is being fractured by a narrowly specialized and reductively politicized education.  And the cliches of unity and wholeness repetitively promoted by the counterculture aren’t specific or informed enough to confront the complexity of the world, despite good intentions.  The times demand nothing less than an understanding of the principles that create a dynamic and evolving coherence.

While most of the institutionalized world has been and still is very busy producing and proliferating forms that express the world’s incoherence, for those studying the forms, a higher pattern of possibility can be deciphered, and several stable paths are attracting us in the near future.  Several possible worlds await.  Help us bring the best worlds we all know are possible. Please take a look.  All feedback and comments are appreciated.    For an extensive general introduction and justification, please check out “why I write”.  The more detailed material will be found under the writing tab and ongoing posts and essays.

But if all this is a bit too much, I hope I can at least pass on some good suggestions in the alternative education tab.  This site will explore some rather advanced and esoteric material, but I believe with the right education, it should not ever be out of reach for any thinking person.  But of course thinking isn’t always easy; sometimes much healing must happen first and meditative practice is crucial.  Please see my therapy and practice section or feel free to contact me.  You can also find me on facebook.  Thank you.

-Adam Pogioli