Contributed by Antonio Grub

Ezra Pound is renowned for changing the way poetry is written, and notorious for committing
treason during WWII. He was a great impresario and a kingmaker of artists. He was obsessed
by ancient literature, adapting old forms for modern readers, and importing Chinese poetry to
the West.

1)In his chart (Whole Sign), I make the house in which NN resides the new 1st house. Pound
has Jupiter in Virgo here. Jupiter rules his original 9th (I only use original houses for determining
rulership). Therefore a tremendous facet of his personality was that of an expansive, benefic
lover (Jupiter) of literature, foreign culture, and all around learned person (9th house).

2)The ruler of the NN and his original 6th house (in Virgo) is Mercury, and this planet resides in
the 3rd, which was previously Pound’s 8th house. I read the original house in relation to the NN-
derived house. Therefore the 8th (other people’s money, the occult, sex/death/rebirth) would in
time lead to speech, writing, thinking. Not only was Pound a writer, he was a famous talker. Not
only that, he became obsessed by the notion of capitalism expropriating money and resources
from artists and craftsmen. He sought to change this in his life, with a zealotry which terrified
people, leading to his eventual arrest and institutionalization. The fact that Mercury in this
position opposed Neptune (ruler of original 12th) suggests some of his bizarre radio broadcasts
from Italy, where he preached incoherently (Neptune is in the derived 9th which is connected to
preaching) about finances (2nd house underlies the derived 9th). Pound moreover espoused
pseudo-scientific beliefs in the relationship of sexual potency to creativity, that is, 8th-house
themes. He constructed a chair which would ensure that semen migrated into his head as he
wrote. Nearby is Pound’s Sun in Scorpio in the derived 3rd house (writing), which rules his 5th
(creativity), reinforcing the theme of writing creatively all the more.

3)Pound’s Venus in Libra is located in his derived 4th house, originally his 9th house. This can
be interpreted as follows: Pound pursued literature, travel, foreign culture (9th), leading thereby
to establishing a new home (4th) in a foreign land. Indeed Pound would make Italy his
permanent place of residence. Even after his institutionalization in the States, he returned
immediately to Italy. Venus rules his 2nd (livelihood) and his 7th (marriage): indeed he married a
foreign (British) woman.

4)Pound’s Moon in Leo is in the derived 12th house; underlying it is the 5th house. In other
words, creativity (5th) would lead to exile and institutionalization (12th). Pound’s Moon rules his
original 4th house. This can be taken to mean that he was disowned and imprisoned (12th) by
the US, his homeland (4th). The Moon squares his Mercury which we have already connected
to his treasonous speech.

5)Pound’s Mars in the derived 12th is his original ruler of the 1st, so he was physically (1st)
placed in an asylum (12th). Notably, Mars squares Pluto, which is a dangerous aspect.

6)Pluto in Gemini sits in the derived 10th house (fame). It would not be going too far to say
Pound is the Pluto of writing (Gemini). Pluto rules the 8th, reflecting his power and influence but
also his tragic fall from grace. Chiron is located in the 10th house as well, suggestive of Pound’s
conviction that he never received enough recognition, while helping so many others become

7)Pound’s original 10th-house ruler is Saturn in Cancer in the 11th house. Pound was the
founder of many cultural organizations and clubs. These groups took tradition (4th) as their
basis, so it is no surprise that the natal 4th underlies Pound’s 11th.