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Radiohead and Deleuze

Radiohead started out in the decaying medium of Rock but evolved out of the cyclical attractor that rules all artistic niches and into the complex topological space of affective intensities that cuts across localised developments(D&G’s plane of immanence). Radiohead are continuing to achieve what few artists do: they are maintaining the intensive threshold that keeps them from falling completely into ... Read More »

parapsychology and psychic liberation

Mishlove seems like such a nice guy. And I full-heartedly agree with the sentiment here. Yet the obstacles to a psychic liberation are much more serious than he seems to be aware of. Parapsychology is a losing paradigm because it sets itself up already within the confines of a game that is controlled pretty tightly at high levels of military ... Read More »

Debate on Science Theory

Apropos our conversation a few weeks ago, here is a short essay Gopi, one of the main Physicists developing the Reciprocal System, wrote about astronomy.  He is younger than the other guys– just finished his PHD in physics.  I like him because he has a broader interest in philosophy and the history of science: http://reciprocalsystem.org/PDFa/Replacing%20the%20Foundations%20of%20Astronomy%20(Vijaya,%20Gopi%20Krishna).pdf In the essay he compares the ... Read More »

Conversation on the concept of Scalar with Bruce Peret

Full Conversation from the Reciprocal System Theory discussion forum: Is “Scalar” Appropriate? Post by bperet » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:01 pm The more I look at it, the use of the term “scalar” as applied to dimensions and the “scalar zone” in the RS, does not seem appropriate. Larson was unaware of projective geometry, so what he is actually talking about when he ... Read More »

Hyperphysics to Higher Density

The pages of this website are coalescing into a virtual intersection of ideas and expression we hope you will find of some value. We aim to bring coherence and focus to the ideas and myths of our time, but we do not aim to be another niche movement or branded philosophy. We find certain metaphors useful but we emphasize the understanding that emerges from ... Read More »

Bernie Sanders, political struggle and the source of power

extract from a conversation concerning Bernie Sanders spouting Russiagate propaganda: I think Sanders could be pointing out how the Russiagate narrative is being used by establishment democrats to hide the fact that it was them who fucked him and the rest of us over, not Russia. He would lose what little support they give him, and his position in government ... Read More »

Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia

the following is extracted from a recent conversation on social media: I have had several people mention Jordan Peterson to me this year, or ask my opinion on him. I initially tried to ignore him but he seems to be getting increasingly popular. I sympathize with many of his concerns but have found his scapegoating of postmodernism to be tiresome ... Read More »

The New Left and the Alt-Right

From a conversation following the Charlottesville violence in August 2017: The problem many of us, (and I mean lots of people I know personally and on the internet that are not usually conservative but are deeply concerned with the trajectory of this repressive attitude in the “Left”), is the way that the caricature of a “Nazi” or white supremacist, or ... Read More »

The Gravity of the Situation: The Ends of Science; Fact and Fiction

The more we study gravitation, the more there grows upon us the feeling that there is something peculiarly fundamental about this phenomenon to a degree that is unequaled among other natural phenomena. Its independence of the factors that affect other phenomena and its dependence only upon mass and distance suggest that its roots avoid things superficial and go down deep ... Read More »

question/discussion on Fourier uncertainty, time and equal temperament

Drew asked: So would you say that time is the solution to the problem in our problem of equal temperament. Because the instrument cannot flux like a 3rd dimensional object that when folded makes a shape that cannot reconstruct the original object Unlike the rhythms of nature, a force integrated in time whose ebb and flow create a single unbroken ... Read More »