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Communicating the Occult with Gregory Desilet part5

Greg in red. Adam in white: Do your occult theorists have any reasons that can be distinguished from tastes? Traditional occult philosophy is metaphysics; it is overdetermined by foundational principles.  Traditionalists are exactly those fighting against liberal relativism in the name of tradition and guiding principles.  What philosophy doesn’t have standards, goals, reasons and values? It’s postmodern theory that has ... Read More »

Equitism Summary Presentation Video

Bruce gives us his summary of equitism. Though we lost most of the subsequent discussion, we will be coming back to these practical proposals in the future, as we work out all the bugs in our format and recording. For reference: Equitism slide presentation: http://www.creativecoherence.org/2019/09/24/equitism-slide-presentation/ Read More »

Second Meeting

On this one, we lost our main microphone on the video segment. We are still mostly audible and we had a good preliminary discussion with the good microphone for those interested. We are still getting the hang of this. Great discussions as always with these wonderful folks! Preliminary talk: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EUMZ2X341UQaQ4z0Pz_LbxTg-qtE2hka/view main segment: Read More »

Communicating the Occult with Gregory Desilet: part4

Here are some issues extracted from a conversation embedded in the previous letters: Greg in red and Adam in white: On Deleuze’s concept of the body without organs: “Bodies without organs, without emotions, without desires, without any reactive and potentially disturbing physical buttons others might push, and, most especially, without any plausible reason to live. No? “ It is a ... Read More »

Communicating the Occult with Gregory Desilet:part3

Gregory Desilet in red. Adam Pogioli in white: I think you are right to suggest we are talking past each other. Nevertheless, I find what you say stimulating. So, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.  There are so many ways to enter into all you say below that I feel I can’t do it justice. But let ... Read More »

Communicating the Occult with Gregory Desilet:part2

Gregory Desilet in red. Adam Pogioli in white: As for “my” ideas about the occult, they are not really my ideas. It is a definition I derive from the work of Wittgenstein. And I think it has merit with regard to explaining why so many people (scientists in particular) are not persuaded by many accounts of occult phenomena or experiences. ... Read More »

Communicating the Occult with Gregory Desilet: part1

The following is from a series of exchanges between me and Gregory Desilet. Gregory and I have been writing back and forth for over a dozen years or so. I have placed some of my letters to him under the letters section of this website, but this recent exchange necessitates seeing both sides. We had been previously discussing the semiotics ... Read More »

History Channel’s Unidentified

So I did not find the Unidentified program’s narrative that compelling at first because I think it paints a few clueless officials and their pop culture mascot as heroes in a movement that is in my opinion way over their heads or understanding. Or what little they know is classified, so they are pushing on aspects of the phenomenon that ... Read More »