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First meeting (audio only)

This turned into quite a great discussion in my opinion. We were a little uncertain how to begin. We discuss beginning with the question “What is Science?”, which I know made me a little overwhelmed with how to tackle such a broad topic. So I sound a bit nervous or excited at the beginning. I was definitely excited, having talked ... Read More »

Logic, AI and the Matrix

The problem with traditional logic and a logical approach to AI is that logic is inherently reductive. This was a theme in postmodern philosophy and the connectionism movement in AI research. Basically we don’t really make decisions through logic but through contextual mediation. (see Jeremy Campbell’s Impossible Machine and Paul Cilliers’ Complexity and Postmodernism). All systems come up against the ... Read More »

Theology, Semiotics, Philosophy: the Occult and the future of thought

(extracted from a conversation with Gregory Desilet): People are funny.  They seem to evaluate more on surface language than what is actually being communicated.  Deleuze gives a bunch of fancy materialist terms to his mysticism and all the atheistic academics thinks it is great.  Well not everyone.  But everyone has their own metaphysics and the game now seems to be ... Read More »

Laruelle:the end of philosophy?

A couple of my favorite contemporary thinkers, Alexander Galloway and Rocco Gangle both wrote books on Laruelle and he keeps coming up in recent discourse, so I thought I would take a look.  Galloway frames Laruelle within his digital/analog motif which is a deep interest of mine.  Laruelle seems like the end of the line for the post Heideggerian Era ... Read More »

Address to Eugene City Council on 5G WIRELESS

Hello. My name is Adam Pogioli.  I am a local philosopher and health counselor.  You can read my work on the philosophy and politics of science at creativecoherence.org.  I was asked to say something here about the next generation wireless technology we are installing around the city.  I assume this is only being allowed to happen without resistance because the evidence ... Read More »

From Christianity to Postmodernity Through Liberalism

Are we seeing the end of liberal society? Or the end of the illusion of it? One can only hope that both camps of dogmatic liberals, that is, both the new Left liberals angry at society and the classical liberals angry at the Left and government, will continue to be seen more and more as unproductive. But they are just ... Read More »

From Taoism to Theosophy to Occult semiotics

The Taoists have a saying, basically that we use our mind and heart backwards. We sense with our heart which is riddled with the biases of personal emotion, and let our mind guide us, which cannot see past its own perspectives. Enlightenment is the reversal that happens when our little shell cracks enough to let the stars come rushing in ... Read More »

Message to Michael Salla on the UFOlogy community

I sent the following to exopolitical writer Michael Salla after an exchange I had with UFO whistleblower Corey Goode. The exchange with Corey was prompted by his excusing his copyrighting of certain terms related to his narrative and my polite suggestions he rethink his approach. Salla and I had had an exchange awhile back when I alerted him to accusations ... Read More »

The Black Hole of Tradition

“The strongest and most evil spirits have hitherto advanced mankind the most: they always rekindled the sleeping-passions – all orderly arranged society lulls the passions to sleep; they always reawakened the sense of comparison, of contradiction, of delight in the new, the adventurous, the untried; they compelled men to set opinion against opinion, ideal plan against ideal plan. By means ... Read More »

UFO Disclosure and the Occult

from a recent exchange about disclosure: I don’t see it as just some isolated niche issue.  Having got more and more into this issue the past years, I say with confidence that the presence of other intelligent beings is foundational to our whole existence.  I don’t think one can even understand ancient or recent history without going deep into the ... Read More »