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About “phase”

The concept of “phase” in science is quickly becoming a key metaphor for understanding the relationships between disparate fields both in the realm of discourse and the realm of the world at large.  It helps us get to the heart of what can be considered a coherent field or entity in the first place, and therefore what creates the very ... Read More »


The great cultural philosopher Oswald Spengler once said of America that we were a bunch of dollar trappers with no past and no future. Spengler’s sentiment is now a common reaction against a nation that has since Spengler’s time spread its end-of-history madness across the globe. To Spengler, we were just the decadent phase of European culture- its “civilization” phase, ... Read More »


http://www.townsendletter.com/July2012/ruggiero0712.html For more on AIDS, see the books by Janine Roberts, Dr. Nancy Turner, and Liam Scheff in the health and biopolitics reading list Read More »