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Anthro Paper on Time and Memory

    At the end of the day, before I lose consciousness for the night, I often get trapped in worries about the future, or nostalgic thoughts about my life and my past.  Sometimes I end up dismissing all of them as my ego out of control.  “I am”, I tell myself in an attempt to bring me back into the here and now.  I ... Read More »

Old Anthropology Paper

All animals have a deeply rooted emotional drive; a natural inclination for expressing needs for certain fundamental biological activities.  While most animals act purely out of response to biological and emotional stimuli, human behavior is much more complex.  Because humans are dependent on coordinated action that is not based on biological principles, our behavior is always somewhat faulted by the limitations of ... Read More »

Old College Paper on Possibility

There is a distinction that we as individuals make between what actually happens and what is possible.  What actually happens has existence only in the relative experience of an observer, and is inherently a symbol for what is possible. What I experience is intrinsically my experience, in that it has meaning specific to my point of view as a perceiver.  This meaning is ... Read More »

Old college paper on Identity and Difference

The debate over personal identity has many manifestations underlying all forms of rational thought.  Before one can even think about the world at large, it would seem that consideration should be taken for the point of view of the analyzer.  Thoughts, words, and the actions that stem from them, are by their nature communication between relative points of view.  When thoughts are used ... Read More »

Old College Paper on Symbolic Language

      Linguistic symbols are used to refer to objects in the external world and objects of abstract knowledge.  In religious language symbols are sometimes used to bridge the two worlds together.  In this case, the symbols refer to objects in the world that have a variety of interconnected abstract ideas that the object represents.  Water symbolism is especially significant because water tends to symbolize ... Read More »

Old college paper on Sufism

Symbol and Metaphor as Divine TrajectoryMystical writing is an obscure and often esoteric subject that tends to evade intellectual scrutiny.  Whether in be poetry or prose, the ideas contained are claimed to be pointers towards linguistically inexpressible truths.  For this reason, the quality, relative truthfulness, and usefulness of any mystical writing seems somewhat beyond the bounds of logical analysis.  On the other hand ... Read More »

Intellect and Intution

this was extracted from a conversation following a previous post exploring the philosophy and science of covid politics: For Henri Bergson, intuition is our animal instinct informed by our analytic intelligence. Much like we have been saying, Bergson critiques the fetishizing of our analytic side, and he would agree that we cannot be intuitive without using analysis. Otherwise it is ... Read More »

Can small businesses allow people to walk in without a mask?

Basically no. Unfortunately, its bourgeois liberals–with their tolerance for everyone of any appearance, just so long as you think and act like them–that have all the money in society, so most business have to cater to their hypocrisy if they want to stay in business. Luckily this mask things is exposing their hypocrisy more clearly since they are being forced ... Read More »

Steiner’s Christianity

What most people take to be Christianity is a misunderstanding, a bad translation and semiotic displacement through the centuries that has resulted in it being relegated to an inconsequential corner of Western culture instead of it being the core of it. But as the great literary critic and Christian philosopher Owen Barfield argues, Romanticism was one way Christian thought remained ... Read More »

Abortion and “Lucifer”

extracts from a conversation on conspiracy theorist’s fear of abortion and satanic elites: One way they divide us is by making issues like abortion so polarized around extreme positions. When conspiracists rail against abortion or transgenderism, they are mostly railing against them as normative values. I wish they would more clearly highlight the way these things are framed in liberal ... Read More »