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Influenza vs. Covid: the structure of the pandemic problem space

the following is extracted from discussions on social media concerning flu numbers disappearing as covid became the dominant diagnosis:   My work is in the history of ideas and their sociological context. From that perspective I see how ideas emerge from systems that are seldom transparent to those working with them. Many of our models in science have become dominant ... Read More »

Trump and the Culture war

Is Trump responsible for the culture war? Certainly his election catalyzed an already growing rift in our culture. In what sense is he responsible for this? Rather than parse responsibility I would prefer to consider counter-factual scenarios. That is, I would prefer to think about what would have happened otherwise if the event of his successful election hadn’t happened, since ... Read More »

Truth and Falsity in Science

When I say the media narrative about climate change or the assumptions it is based on are “false”, I don’t mean it has been falsified by some transcendental condition or fact, determined by my superior judgment; I mean the ideas don’t make much sense as one tries to connect them with other related fields, facts, and perspectives. That alone doesn’t ... Read More »

Racism vs. Prejudice

So, I will admit, I am an occultist. I believe culture is not just learned but tied to biological factors. Everything that has happened to our ancestors is with us at the cellular and etheric level. Anyone with unimpaired mental capacity can adopt or learn a cultural value, but I believe someone whose ancestors had certain traits and capacities will ... Read More »

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy thinkers tend to display what psychologists call “hyper-agency detection”. They see agency in every structural force. But this is the mistake of all traditional thinking. Everyone tends to project a subject-predicate structure on everything they are trying to understand. It is better to see that every force is also a type of agency. It is just not necessarily the ... Read More »

Short Letter to Dr. Andrew Kaufman on etiology and supplements

Hello sir. Just a note of appreciation and a suggestion. You are so on the right track, and I really appreciate you popularizing a thoughtful and critical approach to etiology. But I just wanted to offer a suggestion about digging a little deeper when discussing the causes of illness. For instance when asked about herpes, you were lead by the ... Read More »

Drugs vs. Alchemy: Trying Oil of Gold

I recently was given some Oil of Gold, a product from Kymia Arts and the effect were profound. This was my feedback to my alchemist friend who let me try it: The effect was much the same as an activation to the head center from the energy of a master.  About the same time window of effect too. The gold ... Read More »

Determining the dominant triadic structure in a chart

Contributed by Antonio Grub By determining the dominant triadic structure in a chart, one can learn much about the person to whom it belongs, including what their professional life will be like. The first order of business is to determine which, if any, rulers occupy the angles (the angles being houses 1, 4, 7, and 10). Some have planets on ... Read More »

Sacrifice and Repetition: From Cycle and Spiral to Fractal Pastiche

pdf available here audio reading here “Art exists because reality is neither real, nor significant”. -J.G Ballard “The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity.”-Thomas Carlyle “My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity.  Not merely bear what is necessary, ... Read More »

Debate with Desilet

the following lengthy debate is only a partial extract from comments on an article I posted on facebook protesting the banning of David Icke on social media. It recapitulates and extends many of the threads Greg and I discussed last year: Gregory Desilet to Adam Pogioli I’m back and, as is my wont, more annoying than ever. Guys like Icke are ... Read More »