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Guide to a Healthy Immune System:

I wrote the following for our community here at Sundance Natural Foods in Eugene, Oregon: Our bodies are not just a composite of human cells, but a veritable “super-organism”— a coherent ecosystem of countless microorganisms, all mediated by a liquid-crystalline network of water.(1)  Even our own cells evolved through an integration of ancient microorganisms.(2)  The immune system’s job is not, ... Read More »

The trap of “cause” and the origins of corona

As I have said before, there is no single agenda or end game. Believing that there is one disease or one cause is how they get you. The liberal mainstream says “it is a natural virus that we need more technocracy to fix and prevent”. The conservative might say “a virus caused by dirty Chinese, we are pure”. Conspiracy people ... Read More »

Notes on Corona Politics

*** The only “opportunistic” virus is a meme not a gene. Viruses gain nothing by killing the organism that produces them (we aren’t just their “host” since all viruses are produced by “host” cells). This “pandemic” however is viral marketing at its most virulent. It isn’t difficult to see who is benefiting. *** “The Flu” is good common sense branding. ... Read More »

Viral Fear

There is never GOOD reason to be afraid. Yes, there are many reasons for fear. And it is GOOD to be AWARE of those reasons. But the whole point of REASON is to transform fear into AWARENESS. Fear serves a purpose in animals: the awareness of change, of possible danger. “Viruses”, likewise, as chemical messengers of stress, serve a purpose ... Read More »


by Antonio Grub I want to share a method I use to determine the level of each of the 12 Principles overall in a given chart. This is not to be used as a substitute for a close north and south node analysis (which I consider the most effective way of understanding an individual’s life journey), but as a means ... Read More »


by Antonio Grub Even today the 12th is ill understood. All too often it has associations related to those facets of life inimical to “reality,” vitality, prosperity, productivity. And at worst the 12th house has associations of derangement, withdrawal from public view, imbecility, and—as Aleister Crowley bluntly puts it—“idle debauchery.” Indeed, much like Pisces, the 12th gives indications of a ... Read More »


Introduction We often hear that ancient peoples had a cyclical sense of time and modern man a linear one. Various philosophers have tried to synthesize the two and the spiral often arises as the synthetic image. But this is a simplistic picture. For starters, the concept of development did not magically arise with modern or even early rational consciousness. Ancient ... Read More »

Zodiacal Releasing Method

The following was contributed by Antonio Grub; it explains his unique method for using the ZR astrological technique to understand the fortune of anyone’s life: I want to share observations I have made after reading hundreds of charts with ZR. 1)When looking at any given point in a person’s life, don’t just release from Spirit, release from Fortune as well ... Read More »

Melodrama and Metaphysics

Bruce asked Adam, “Two terms that I notice are prominent in your recent discourse — “melodrama” and “metaphysic”: I’d like to know your definitions for both. Is a “metaphysic” just any way of adding meaning to the world including non-minded, non-sentient, non-human being, or does the term, for you, imply a specific range of theological doctrines?” I replied: metaphysics has ... Read More »