The Gravity of the Situation: The Ends of Science; Fact and Fiction

Hyperphysics to Higher Density

Short essays and discussions:

Time and Entropy while you are having fun

question/discussion on Fourier uncertainty, time and equal temperament

The New Left and the Alt-Right


Reciprocal System Discussion

About “phase”


Coming soon:

The Cult of Non-Violence: Dietary Desperation in the Age of Guilt and Confusion

  • a look at why we need to move beyond what is essentially a conservative philosophy of austerity in the popular version of environmentalism, and instead promote the fractal model of embedded systems

Faith in Meaning: X-Files and the New Media Mythology

  • an exploration at the transformation of our myths through science fiction and the new cosmology of internet conspiracy theory

He Hit me and It Felt Like a Kiss: Sex and Death in the New Age

  • how attempts at liberating sex and promoting equality must face the deep truths of sex’s unavoidable entanglement with violence and how only a deeper appreciation of polarity can guide us to a truly liberating sexuality

Purity and Presence: Deconstructing Medicine, Reconstructing Phase Coherence

  • Sketches out the the difference between the medical model which weakens with prosthesis and the emerging models of complexity that can build meaning

Hormesis, Homeopathy and the Physics of Phase Space

  • pondering the mystery of how phase information is conveyed through an exploration of holistic medicine

Lost in Time: The Tragedy of Counter-Cultural Spirituality

  • Why emphasis on timelessness and transcendence has lead the New Age into a loss of context and power in the world

Survival of the Sickest: Vaccines and the Biopolitics of Epigenetics

  • How the biotech industry has been destroying the integrity of biological information and a look at what is really at stake in the evolution of our genome and microbiome

Phase, Form and Power: Knowledge at the Edge of Time

  • A sketch of the new epistemology of fractal phase conjugation. I ask the most frightening question we can ask–how high does the hierarchy go?…….

Blinded by the Light: Psychedelics and the Cult of Techno-Transcendence

  • How drugs have effectively turned the counterculture into a farm of bio-energy for astral parasites bent on making us all slaves to an AI.  Well…maybe this is an exaggeration, but maybe I got your attention.

Aliens? Really?  Thoughts on the Myth of the Open Mind

  • On how someone comes to “believe” in things most people consider crazy, and why so-called skeptics are the most mesmerized by beliefs.